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Monday, August 29th 2005

6:52 PM

Momo Back From Vacation You Dumpsterfucks !

Hello fellow dumpsterfucks !  I'm fucking back !  Vegas, San Francisco, Oakland was seen by yours truly and believe it or not actual video footage was taken of my adventures on the left coast. Below is some video footage shot by me for you to download for your pleasure. This clip features a drunk S.F Giant fan and some nice looking California College broads.

SBC Parking Lot San Francisco California Video Clip

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Wednesday, June 22nd 2005

7:05 PM

Summer Is Here !

Be Back In Late August.  See Ya !

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Friday, June 10th 2005

11:09 AM

Trick's Song Of the Week #5 The Strokes - 12:51

        The Strokes - 12:51

The Strokes were formed in 1999 with front man Julian Casablancas, guitarists Nick Valensi and Albert Hammond Jr, bassist Nikolai Fraiture, and drummer Fabrizio Moretti.  They look like Blue Oyster Cult brought back from the dead.  The other song you heard by them was Last Night.  Apparently there was a bidding war over which record company would get to sign these guys.  The were worshipped almost as much as Oasis in the UK.  The song is a good rock song with a New Wave vibe to it.  Sorta reminds me of the cars.  Walsh loves these guys.

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Friday, June 10th 2005

10:22 AM

Jessica Alba Fanboy

I sometimes think I am slowly becoming the President of the Jessica Alba fan club. This broad keeps providing us here at the Dumpster with sexy pics week in and week out. These Pictures taken at the MTV Movie Awards are her latest endowment to the Dumpster. And I Do mean ENDOWMENT.

These pics sport exquisite Nipple shots, her perfect breasticles and of course Alba looking flawless from head to toe. Oh My god I am turning into a Jessica Alba Fanboy.

This girl crazy shit is a direct result of what happens when the knuckleheads in the NHL can't get their shit together. I am now relegated to gawking at celebrity chicks instead of doing what I do best. Which is yelling for Ranger defenseman to clear the fucking front of the net for a change.




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Thursday, June 9th 2005

10:30 PM

Phil Spectacle


Here’s a look at Phil Spectacle, I mean Phil Spector. This fucking nutcase was charged with killing  Lana Clarkson in February of 2003. Clarkson was his B Movie Bimbo who’s most memorable role for me was playing Mr. Vargas’s wife in Fast Times At Ridgemont High.

That murder happened in February 2003 and its now June of 2005 and this fucker is finally get around to be arraigned ? I bet you dollars to doughnuts if it was one of us who had murdered this broad we would have been tried, convicted and already become someone’s wife in jail by now. 

This look he’s sporting above says Not Guilty to me doesn't it ? He looks like a fucking Grinch Chia Pet.

Lana Clarkson


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Thursday, June 9th 2005

9:14 AM

Paris Hilton Attention Whore


Paris Hilton may be the biggest attention whore of all time. Wait...she might be the biggest whore in general to grace American media. Which in fact I have absolutely no problem with. When Paris whores it up we usually get to see it and that’s a good thing. She may be the stupidest broad on the planet and at times she can look like a rat but this chick always gives us a monthly dose of T+A and for that I applaud her stupid ass. Her latest antics have her flashing the press in Europe for no reason. Take a look my fellow Dumpster Fuckians.

                            PARIS HILTON TITTY FLASH

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Wednesday, June 1st 2005

9:16 AM

Down Goes Frasier ! The Fall And The Call

I know this is a a bit past due to post but for some reason I can't stop chuckling everytime I see Kelsey Grammer falling off the stage at Disney. Plus I think It perfectly ties in with the Wav's from this week by Howard Cosell. So I have included them both here. The Fall And The Call.

                                                    Down Goes Frazier! Call
           Down Goes Frasier Fall

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Tuesday, May 31st 2005

1:55 PM

Tuesday Morning Boinger Jessica Alba's New Look Shoot

This broad is hot with any look. Even the hard to pull off short hair. Here are the results of  her first shoot with the new look. Don't splooge on the Keyboard my fellow Dumpsterfucks !





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Tuesday, May 31st 2005

12:46 PM

Wav OF The Week # 8 Howard Cosell " It's A Simple Radio Show"

It's A Simple Radio Program ! 


In My opinion probably the best announcer to ever grace any medium. It wasn’t that Howard was so knowledgeable about the sports he covered except perhaps boxing, but his charisma combined with the inflection and tone in which he spoke was captivating. He was an American pop anti -hero in the 1970’s. People out right hated him. So much the destination of his grave has never been revealed.

He was arrogant and absolute and I think that’s why I loved him so much. He was an elitist and pain in the ass to his fellow broadcasters but to the people who loved him you couldn’t get enough of him. You also knew it was major event if Howard Cosell covered it
. The following are just a sample of what he was like off the air. I will have more on him in the upcoming weeks. But here are a few to get you mimicking his voice all day.

In the first one Howard has some mic problem and goes off on the guys behind the glass. He basically Is pressed for time and during his rant he actually makes Pete Axthelm laugh.

" It's A Simple Radio Program"

The second wav is of Cosell being interrupted by a solar cane commercial. He then gets broken in on by a Penzoil commercial again restating “Radio Is So Simple” which sets him off threatening to quit.

"Now I'm Getting Penzoil!"

This third and final one is him going off on the telephone with the unlucky guy who was in charge of producing his radio show that day. Cosell goes expletive crazy.

Cosell Cursing


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Friday, May 27th 2005

10:45 AM

Skeletons Out Of The Closet


These Hollywood chicks are fucking out of their minds. When did Anorexia become Hot ? I want to murder whatever publicist or agent,friend who is encouraging and promoting this disgusting self image of how broads should look. This Fucking  Mary-Kate Olsen girl chick looks like the crypt keeper or some old Jewish woman. Her sister Ashley looks like she should be on top of an organ grinders box, she looks like a godamn chimp. Somebody throw these two a cheeseburger.

Then you have Lindsay Lohan getting caught with these poolside pics that have her looking like a chickenbone. She is way too skinny and butt ugly to boot. Wasn’t it like SIX months ago she was cute with nice ample breasticles ?


Last but not least... The coup de grace for this anti-bone rant is Kelly, I mean Skelly Ripa’s appearance on David Letterman.  I provided the clip from her spot below, so you could get a look at this freak show yourself. When did cleavage shots become all about how much breast bone you are showing ? It was godamn distracting , she has no tits and bones popping  out of her fucking chest cavity. Damn sexy ! This isn’t some young broad. This Kelly Ripa chick has pushed out a couple puppies too. Stop the fucking madness let these women eat ! Ripa looks like she just escaped from Auschwitz. Look and see for yourself.

                                       Skelly Ripa Link


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